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Our Range of Multi Plug Sockets & Extension Cords

Information Guide on Multi Plugs

Features to Look for in Multi Plugs

  1. Cable Length
  2. Amperage
  3. Number of Sockets
  4. USB Charging Ports
  5. Ability to hang on wall
  6. Individual switches
  7. Internal fuse

Benefits of Using Multi Plugs

  • Save on wiring cost – cheaper than wall sockets
  • Portable and convenient to carry around
  • Ability to power up appliances away from the wall
  • Value for money when purchasing multi plug with USB charging ports
  • Internal fuse mechanism saves appliances from shorts

Important Usage Gudelines

Do not plug to a 5A plug base. It will not provide adequate power to share among multiple devices.

Use a 13A or 15A plug base for best results.

Do not cut the cord and try to manually extend it unless done by a professional electrician – use a high capacity wire for extension.

Do not change the plug point of the extension cord unless done by a professional electrician.

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