Power Banks for Laptops & Macbook

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Our prayers have finally been answered – Power banks can now be used to charge laptops and other high power devices!

How to identify if the power bank can charge your laptop?

Power banks designed for laptops have a higher wattage than the standard phone charging models.

You will notice that these high power banks usually have a wattage marked on the packaging. If the power bank has an output of 50 Watts or higher, you can definitely use it to power up your laptop or Macbook.

Compatibility List

Laptops with USB-C Power Port such as the newer models of Dell Latitude, Dell XPS, Macbook Air & Pro 2019 Upwards, Thinkpad & More.

Word of Caution

Since the laptop power banks output more power than usual, it takes more battery power to sustain and recharge. Always make sure to keep a 10 to 15% minimum charge level to ensure long battery life.

Recommended Brands

Anker, Promate, Baseus, Xiaomi, Redmi – These brands have the best quality power banks in Sri Lanka with high wattage output for charging laptops.

Choosing the Right Capacity

You may notice in the description, you are provided with two different battery capacities: Rated & Actual.

You need to keep an eye on the Actual capacity as this is what you actually get from the power bank.

The main reason actual is less than rated is because more energy is used from the power bank when providing a high watt output.

This energy is also used from the same battery. It’s similar to running an OS like Windows or MAC on your computer. The OS takes up part of your disk space as well.

Divide the rated capacity by the size of your laptop battery, and you get the number of times you can charge your laptop with the power bank.

Some laptops can be charged 2 times with a 20000mah power bank while some laptop batteries are quite large and may need 30000mah for one full charge cycle.